Turn your sat nav off! Jochpass is car-free.

Turn your sat nav off! Jochpass is car-free.

Our Bärghuis [meaning Alpine lodge in Alemannic] stands right in the middle of the pass between Graustock and Jochstock. Jochpass connects the villages Engstlenalp in the Gental valley and Engelberg in the Engelbergertal valley. And it is located right beneath the peak of Titlis, in one of Central Switzerland's most beautiful Alpine areas.

On foot or by donkey?

Jochpass is accessible via a medieval mule track, in summer from Engelberg, from Melchsee-Frutt or from Engstlenalp, on foot or by bike. Genuine mule drivers can be spotted occasionally arriving by donkey or horse. In winter, your snowshoes will pave the way up to us, but your backcountry skis or a splitboard will do just fine too. Of course, there is a more relaxed and comfortable way – riding the cable car or the chairlift. However, your car won't make it here – regardless of what your sat nav may promise you.

Riding the gondola ropeway and chairlift!

We recommend that you travel (both in summer und winter) by car or public transport to Engelberg Dorf. From there, the gondola ropeway and chairlift will take you up to us, to Jochpass. Of course, we will take care of your luggage upon request. Simply call us for details. By the way: the last departure from Engelberg up to Jochpass is at 3:30 p.m. For special ride booking, please contact Titlis-Bergbahnen:
+41 41 639 50 50 / 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. For a CHF 5 surcharge per piece the cable car operator will transfer your luggage from the valley station to the Jochpass mountain station.