Passionate hosts, we focus on high-quality regional ingredients in our cuisine.

It's simply fabulous what the region around Jochpass has to offer – and that goes for the food too. Passionate hosts, we use it all to our, and especially your, advantage, therefore we buy all our fresh produce from local farmers. And with these ingredients, we create our own soups, salad variations and traditional dishes; sometimes, we even go on to refine them according to our very own recipe.

Try it – you'll like it!

In addition, we continue, our search for old family recipes. That's why you will find on our menu fabulous dishes such as... “Engelberger Kloster Suppe" or "Kutteln"

Or how about our homemade corn croquettes, our warm chocolate tart served in a glass, our “Hacktätschli” (ground meat patties), and so on, and so forth. We could go on at length whetting your appetite here. But we won't, because we have a much better suggestion: come on up to Bärghuis Jochpass and find out about our cuisine yourself!

All the best regional products

Of course, we don't prepare everything up here on our own – why should we when there are excellent finished products around? Delicacies such as the mouth-watering Zuger Kirschtorte (cherry brandy cake) from Konditorei Meier in Zug, or the alp bratwurst from Metzgerei Gabriel in Wolfenschiessen are essential items on our menu.

Just in case you're wondering where all this fabulous food comes from, here's our current list of producers and suppliers:

Christen Beck, Buochs: Pailasse bread, Huisbrot, sweet croissants
Bäckerei Meier, Zug: Zuger Kirschtorte
Köpfli AG, Luzern: frozen semi-finished products

Dairy products
Molkerei Hurschler, Engelberg: fresh yogurt, fresh milk
Käserei Barmettler, Stans: Stanserflade, cream and cheese mixtures, raclette cheese
Alpkäserei Untertrübsee, Engelberg: Sbrinz, alp cheese, cheese for frying
Emmi Käsehandel, Luzern: cheese mixtures for our croutes au fromage

Goat dairy products
Geissäheimat, Meierschälä, Odermatt family, Stans: fresh goat cheese, goat cheese, dried goat sausage,

Meats and meat products
Metzgerei Gabriel, Wolfenschiessen: alp bratwurst, Engelberger dried sausage, dried meat from the Engelberg valley, pork, sausage
Metzgerei Stutzer, Kerns und Stans: small cheese sausage, small nut sausage, Jochhüttensteak
Rottal Metzgerei, Ruswil: bacon, ribs, pork
Lustenberger Metzgerei, Engelberg: veal and pork, sausage meat;

We buy animals directly from the farm where possible.
Viktor und Fränzi Käslin, Härggis, Emmetten
Paul und Luzia Odermatt, Staldifeld, Oberdorf
Meinrad und Käthy Gut, Hasematt, Niederrickenbach

Vegetables and fruit
Mundo AG, Rothenburg: salads, vegetables, fruit, frozen products, herbal tea blends
Hof Neufallenbach, Grafenort: various alp-herb tea blends

Eggs and eggnog
Barmettler Ei, Ennetmoos: fresh eggs, eggnog,

Remigi Käslin, Rütenen, Beckenried: apple and pear brandy, cherry brandy
Remigi Lussi, Stans: plum brandy and other assorted spirits
Urs Hecht, Gunzwil: fine spirits